June Update with New Products from Sig Sauer - Crosman - KWC - Air Venturi - Pocket Shot

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Again I have some new products to show everyone. Some we got a bit of a preview of when I was at SHOT Show 2019 earlier this year but now I have them in my hands to show off and of course will be doing full Table Top and Filed Test for anything new as soon as I can get to them.

Starting with Sig Sauer, they sent me their brand new Sig Sauer P365 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol. This was probably one of my favorite new Air Pistols at SHOT Show simply because it is so small and somehow Sig was able to find a way to put a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the CO2 and BB’s in it. This is one I am really looking forward to testing out in the Indoor Sea Can Airgun Shooting Range.

Another fantastic product is Crosman’s DPMS Full Auto CO2 BB Rifle which was pretty much perfect the first time around. Well at SHOT Show this year Crosman updated it a bit mainly with some cosmetic changes and now is offering the Crosman MPW, a slightly shorter version of the DPMS and now with an AR Compatible Stock for customizing your Crosman’s MPW Full Auto CO2 BB Rifle.

Yet one more item I was drooling over at SHOT Show 2019 where the Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM Air Pistols being offered in GBB Airsoft and CO2 BB models along with 3.8 and 4.5 inch versions. It looks like the GBB Airsoft venisons where first out of the factory and I was able to get them in two styles, the Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM 3.8 GBB Airsoft and Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM 4.5 GBB Airsoft.

So maybe not as exciting… I also take a look at a NBB CO2 BB Makarov from KWC that is pretty basic but is much less expensive and will offer higher FPS and more shots per CO2 being that it is Non-blowback Airgun. It will be interesting to see how it compares performance wise to the KWC Full Blowback CO2 BB version.

Last but also super cool and I know it’s not really as Airgun related but still something I think everyone will be interested in is the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch with D-Loop. I reviewed the Pocket Shot “Slingshot” a while back, this new product allows you to use standard Arrows with their new Arrow Pouch getting around 40 pounds of pull and it comes with a trigger release. By the way the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow system is legals to hunt deer with in most US States, I’m not sure about Canada but perhaps here too?

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