ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver Table Top Review

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Type: Blank Revolver.
Manufacturer: ROHM (RÖHM).
Model: RG-49
Materials: Mostly Metal.
Weight: 439 grams 15.5 ounces.
Barrel: Removable - Front firing designed for flares.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single & double action.
Ammunition Type: .22 caliber crimped.
Ammunition Capacity: 7 rounds.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver in single action is very light having virtually no take up at all. The double action trigger pull is much heavier with a smooth release. Mechanically the trigger feels really good.

Accuracy: NA.
Build Quality: The overall build quality for the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver is excellent, being German made its built to last and the fit and finish is typical German quality. There are steel parts where they need to be like in the barrel, pins, screws and reenforcing parts, the rest of the gun is generally made out of a zinc metal with only the simulated wood grips being made out of plastic.

Realism: The ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver is not an exact replica of any given gun in production as this would make importing it into Canada even more difficult, but it is styled after a Smith & Wesson Snub Nosed Revolver. As for looking like and working like a real gun, the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver looks and sounds like a real gun, with the exception of the dangerous bullet coming out of the barrel!
Purchase from: The Replica Airguns Canada Store.


  • German made Quality.

  • All metal gun with reenforced steel in some areas.

  • Front firing and capable of shooting flares.

  • .22 caliber blanks are less expensive and not as loud to use.

  • Comes with removable Flare adaptor & Cleaning rod.

  • Super compact and portable.

  • Highest capacity ROHM Revolver with 7 round cylinder.


  • Smaller caliber blanks are not as loud or powerful.

  • Can be considered a bit expensive due to blank guns in general being hard to get and in high demand in Canada.

The main purpose of the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver is to make noise along with the added ability to shoot flares and that's exactly what you're getting here. The ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver may not be as elegant as the other ROHM revolvers with their nicer barrels but with the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver you are getting the most compact 7 round shooter and at a bit lower price than the other full sized ROHM Blank Guns. 

My YouTube Full Video Review for the ROHM RG-46 22 Caliber Blank Revolver:

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