Contest and Review - Umarex Legends Ace in the Hole SAA Pellet Revolver


Let's start this review off by first stating that this is also a contest, I know it's been a while but I am happy to announce that we will be having way more regular contests for our viewers and subscribers! To kicking things off with this new contest trend we are giving away an Umarex SAA Ace in the Hole CO2 Pellet Revolver to one lucky either Canada or US winner. Sorry for legal and shipping reasons we have to stay within Canada and the US.

And we're gong high tech with this contest implementing Gleam to allow a  number of ways for you to get involved and have more chance to win! Go to the bottom of this post to get involved!

So I guess I better include a written review here to :) We'll keep it short this time since I am sure we are all mostly interested in the contest!

Type: Pellet Revolver.
Manufacturer: Umarex.
Model: Ace in the Hole.
Materials: Full Metal.
Weight: 885 grams (1.95 pounds).
Barrel: Rifled
Power Source: CO2.
Action: Semi-Automatic.
Ammo Type: .177 Pellets.
Ammo Capacity: 6 Rounds.
FPS: 340 using lead pellets.


  • Short barrel increases draw speed.
  • Thumb spur hammer primed for rapid fire.
  • Realistic heavy metal frame with weathered finish.
  • Authentic rotation cylinder with loading gate.
  • Interchangeable clip-op front sights.
  • Has good combination of accuracy and power for a short barreled revolver.
  • CO2 Allen Key built into pistol grip.


  • Shells must be loaded one at a time but can be kept in the cylinder.
  • Plastic sights detract a bit from realism.

The Ace in the Hole has more than one trick up its sleeve. This CO2 pellet gun is an original take on the classic Single Action Army revolver. The oversized thumb spur allows you to fan the hammer with your palm, like a real gunslinger. Swap in the sight that works best for your aim, or remove it entirely and shoot from the hip.

Overall I found it to be one of my favorite of the Umarex SAA Colt Revilers. I like that it's a pellet shooter and the Umarex Ace in the Hole is even capable of shooting decent weight led pellets at close to the claimed fps. The size and weigth of this CO2 Revolver feel perfect coming in at almost 2 pounds in an all metal airgun.

The weathered finish with the Ace logo imbedded in the pistol grips looks really great, the only distraction from the realism would be the plastic removable front sights. I am not sure why Umarex did this but it will help in quick draw situations. Overall the Umarex Ace in the Hole is a super well built and ultra realistic SAA Revolver that will not disappoint any old west airgun collector. get your while we still have them.

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