Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph Table Top Review

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As most my YouTube Subscribers and Viewers will already know, I have been struggling with my Chrony Shooting Chronograph for a while now. I know some of it is to do with the bad lighting under my deck but over time my Chrony F-1 Shooting Chronograph has become less and less reliable to the point now that I simply don't get any usable feedback from it. If I'm lucky on a good day I might get one FPS reading out of ten shots which is nothing I can use.

So recently I went out and purchased a new Chrony Shooting Chronograph, I actually upgraded a little bit and got the higher end Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph version which has more options than my older F-1 Chrony like:

  • Selector switch to change from FPS (feet per second) to MPS (meter per second).
  • Delivers Measurements and Statistics such as - High, Low and Average Velocities, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation.
  • Retrieve individual Shot Velocities and Statistics.
  • Has temporary working memory.
  • Has 60 shot permanent memory (divided into 6 numbered strings of up to 10 shots each, with one set of Statistics for each string).
  • Delete individual shots (with automatic adjustment of Statistics).
  • Delete the content of a whole string or all data from memory.
  • Can be switched off, taken home & switched on again for reviewing and information retrieval.
  • Memory will stay even without battery.
  • Moves instantly from string to string, interrupts shooting on any string without memory loss, returns to any string to continue where you left off.
  • Change string size.
  • Stereo Jack for optional Printer or Remote Control.
  • Forget Button - To clear individual strings instantly.
  • Upgrade to 1000 shot memory.
  • Upgrade to Gamma or Gamma Master Chrony.

Probably a lot more features than I actually need or will even use but the price for the Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph over the Chrony F-1 Shooting Chronograph I have been using was only about $30 more so I figured why not go for it.

In this review video I mainly show you around my new Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph and don't really talk too much about features since it is all new to me and I have not played around with my new Beta Chrony much so far.

I do plan to do some Field Testing with my the Chrony Beta Shooting Chronograph and shoot some of the Airguns that I was not overly successful getting readings for like my new Sig Sauer Pellet Pistols and Sig Sauer MPX Rifle along with my ISSC M22 BB CO2 Pistol. So stay tuned for that upcoming Field Test video.

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