Air Venturi ISSC M22 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Field Test Review

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First off, this will be the last video where I try and use my Chrony Chronograph to determine the fps velocity for one of my airguns. It's time has come and I am officially retiring my Chrony or should I say setting aside for later destruction by means of many rounds of airgun ammo fired at it... I just need to locate and order a replacement solution, perhaps I will reach out to Chrony and see if they can help me out since they should really look into restoring my faith and many of my viewers faith in this product ;) If the airgun I am testing has blowback operation then I generally also record some slow motion video and place it in the end of the video while I am talking it out.

Moving on with my Field Test for the Air Venturi ISSC M22 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol. If you have not already checkout my Table Top Review for it then make sure to do so for some close up video and the main features and benefits.

As per normal my Field Test Shooting video is composed of a Chronograph test which in this case resulted in pretty much no data other than one recorded shot which may or may not even be accurate? I also step back 30 feet and shoot 10 rounds on a paper target with my Air Venturi ISSC M22 CO2 Blowback BB Pisto to figure out how close of a grouping I can get for the sake of accuracy purposes. I do us a somewhat rested shooting position which allows me to in most cases get pretty decent results with less human factor involved.

In terms of FPS for the Air Venturi ISSC M22 CO2 Blowback BB Pisto, all we can really go on are the claimed fps specifications which are 400, I would say based on how quickly rounds get to the target and how hard they hit that 400 fps is about right, perhaps even a little more? Maybe once I get my new Chronograph I will have to revisit this gun and see what it can do.

Accuracy wise I was able to fire 10 rounds within a nice 2 inch grouping, they did shoot a bit left for me but the good news is that the Air Venturi ISSC M22 CO2 Blowback BB Pisto has an adjustable rear sight for windage so this can be corrected for each user. The blowback Action is pretty hard on this gun, very quick and snappy, it is also fairly loud when using a new CO2. There is a fair bit of trigger take-up since the first stage of the trigger pull also chambers a round into the barrel form the full size drop out magazine. Once you get to the break point of the trigger there is a bit of extra tension followed by a distinct release. It may not be the smoothest trigger I have used but it does work just fine.

Overall the Air Venturi ISSC M22 CO2 Blowback BB Pisto has a lot going for it, good looks, blowback operation with a full size drop out magazine, an adjustable rear sight, decent power and accuracy and it is an excellent replica for the real steel ISSC M22.

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