Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle Field Test Review

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I have already made a couple of videos for the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle, my official Table Top Review and a Preview Video where I shoot some rounds at a Sig Sauer Quad Shooting Gallery.

In this Review Video I focus on the shooting performance of the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle to find out what kind of FPS we can get out of it and exactly how accurate the MPX is from 30 feet back using a fairly stable semi rested shooting position. I'll tell you right away my Chrony Chronograph has officially called it quits and I will be looking at replacing it for future Field Test Shooting videos. Lucky for us Sig sent me their real world inhouse testing using both 5.25 grain high velocity pellets and standard 8.18 grain lead pellets.

Here are the average results Sig achieved from each pellet type shooting an 8 shot string.

5.25 Grain Alloy High Velocity Pellets:

  • FPS - 506
  • Energy in Foot pounds - 2.98
  • Energy in Joules - .1257
  • Temperature at time of testing - 71 Degrees Fahrenheit 

8.18 Grain Standard Lead Lead Pellets:

  • FPS - 447
  • Energy in Foot pounds - 3.63
  • Energy in Joules - .153
  • Temperature at time of testing - 71.5 Degrees Fahrenheit

In terms of accuracy, this rifle is made to shoot at much further out ranges than 30 feet but I was still able to get on what kind of a grouping is possible with the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle. I first shot 10 rounds at my paper target and then had a quick look. I was able to get a nice 1 inch grouping which I am sure I could improve upon with some more shooting time with the rifle. I was also not using a magnified scope, just a standard red dot. I then shot the remaining 20 rounds to finish off the 30 round belt fed magazine and for the most part the majority of the pellets all fell within the first 10 shot grouping and I did rip these shots off pretty quickly, about as fast as I could pull the trigger that is.

All in all the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle is a good performer, I am very happy with FPS form an 8 grain pellet consistently hitting 450 FPS, that's plenty fast enough to shoot all kinds of targets even out at further ranges. Accuracy was also consistent even under rushed shooting so I can imagine the Sig Sauer MPX ASP .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle would make a great trainer for tactical shooting situations. I thing Sig has a real winner here, great looks, excellent quality and good performance all at a reasonable cost. I just hope we get them here in Canada soon...

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