ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

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During this Field Test Shooting Review Video I test out the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol by shooting some rounds through the Chronograph to get an idea on how powerful  it really is. I also step back 30 feet and place some rounds down range on my paper target to see just how accurate this little surprise double shot Airsoft pistol is.

In terms of power, all I had to go on was the factory claimed power rating of .6 joules. So I filled up the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol with Propane gas, loaded two .20 gram BB's and shot them both one after the other though my Chrony. I did find that topping up the gas was necessary between loading this gun as the gas chamber is very small. You will only get three shots out of a fill but the last shot is really slow.

I did find that I consistently got right around 250 fps on the fist shot and pretty much bang on 200 fps for the follow-up shot. Not super fast but fast enough to hit a small paper target 30 feet away pretty much every shot. Shooting 6 rounds on my paper target from 30 feet back using a semi rested position I was able to get 5 out of 6 shots pretty well placed on my paper target. I am not sure what happened to the 6th shot but it seemed to hook really hard to the right, perhaps the Airsoft BB was deformed? My 6 shot grouping with the excepting of the one shot that went MIA ended up being about 5 inches, not bad for such a small little low fps pistol.

So in terms of usefulness what can you expect from the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol? Well you are for sure not going to be sniping anyone with it but it could for sure come in handy as a surprise back for your backup gun!

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