ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: Airsoft gas pistol.
Manufacturer: Marushin (Distributed by ASG).
Model: Derringer.
Materials: Plastic with some metal parts.
Weight: .5 pounds (215 Grams).
Barrel: Metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: Gas.
Action: Over-under double barrel single action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 2 rounds.
Energy: .6 Joules.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer is single action only so you will have to cock the hammer separately for each of the two shots. The action of the single action trigger is extremely short with virtually no take-up to speak of. The trigger pull is also very light.


Accuracy: This part of the review is yet to be determined as I have not done my Field Test or Shooting tests for this pistol. I will put a link in here when I have done my official Field Shooting Test. I have done a little bit of playing around with the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol and can say it is not going to be the most accurate or powerful gun out there but that's not really what this ultra compact gun is meant for, more of a surprise, hey where did that come from kind of gun!

Build Quality: The ASG Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol is built by Marushin and as a Japanese based company it is going to be mostly plastic but with that said this little pistol is built really well, the mechanical parts that need to be metal are, like the grips hammer, trigger, safety and many of the pins and screws. Everything is tight and the tolerances are excellent. The finish is also pretty much flawless.With the added metal parts this .5 pounds pistol actually feels pretty solid in the hand and it's hard to tell so much of it it is actually plastic.

Realism: The ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol looks the part of a real steel Derringer in terms of size and mechanical parts all functioning as they would. Even the over-under barrels are recessed to look like a much larger caliber than 6mm. The only real give away would be the small gas valve located under the handle and of coursee the lighter weight.
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  • Nice ultra compact and light weight size.
  • Flawless chrome finish to it.
  • Not a lot of meat parts but the metal grips, hammer, trigger and safety seem to add enough weight to make this Derringer feel pretty solid in the hand.
  • Nice recessed over-under barrels.
  • Mechanical part feel solid and tight.


  • Main gun build is plastic, typical of Marushin guns.
  • Not a lot of power from my preliminary testing.
  • Only 2 shots so make them count! 

The ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer is a rather unique 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol and is not going to make a very good primary weapon or for that matter even a good secondary weapon, but on that off chance you want surprise on your side then this little guy would make a really great last resort gun for when you only have that one shot up close and personal and it's now or never... There's also the fact that it's a Derringer and how cool is that! 

My YouTube Table Top Video Review for this ASG Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol:

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