Umarex Colt Single Action Army Shell Loading CO2 BB Revolver Preview


I finally got my hands on one of the Umarex Colt Single Action Historic Revolvers! Rather than making you wait for my full Table Top and Field Test Reviews I thought I would post a quick unboxing preview video. Of course my full Table Top and Field Test videos will follow...

In this unboxing preview video of the Umarex Colt Peacemaker Single Action Army Revolver I show you around the CO2 4.5mm BB Revolver Replica and even compare it to a few similar revolvers I have lying around.

The Umarex Shell Loading Colt Peacemaker is an amazing replica and simulates the old west cowboy Single Action Only Revolvers in almost every detail. I love the hammer action and the ratchet sound it makes as you draw it back. The Single Action Only Trigger is very light at under 2 pounds just as it should be.

Here are a few Specifications:

  • Replica of Colt Single Action Historic Revolver
  • 4.5mm Steel BB's
  • 12 gram CO2
  • 6 Shot Shell Loading Cylinder
  • 4.5 inch Smooth Bore Barrel
  • 410 fps
  • 2.1 Pounds
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