Umarex Colt Single Action Army Shell Loading BB Revolver Target Test

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Part 2 of my two part Field Test Shooting Video Review, this one focuses on the accuracy or target portion using my Umarex Colt Single Action Army Shell Loading BB Revolver. As per usual I set my self up 30 feet from my paper targets using a semi rested position (Standing in the back, while resting the gun on a sand bag up front). I normally take 10 shots and see what kind of a grouping I can get but with a six shooter that requires some reloading so we will base this testing on six shots.

Like part 1 in my Chronograph or velocity Field Test, I use a variety of ammo, starting off with 4.5mm Steel BB's and then switching to some 4.7mm Lead BB's for the second group of 6 shots from the Umarex Colt Single Action Army Revolver. I decided not to try the Dan Wesson Dummy Shells since they proved to be not so reliable during my Chronograph testing.

At the end of the Video I have some fun with my KWC / Cybergun Government 1911 just to see how it compares to a fixed barrel revolver.

Make sure to watch my below YouTube Review Video to see my full shooting accuracy result, I can say both the steel and lead BB's shot from the Umarex Colt Single Action Historic BB Revolver shot similar under 2 inch groupings with the lead BB's dropping a bit on the target with their slower velocity.

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