Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2015 Winner

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The results are in for this years Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway and the winner is Gary Vennarucci with his Virginia City Nevada Gunslinger and Madams YouTube Video. I have to say their costumes where bang on and the editing of the video was also top notch, a lot of time and effort went into Gary's video so congratulations to him.

To everyone else that entered. I want to thank you all for taking the time to come up with this years costume, make a video and send me the link. This year we only had 10 entered so the chances of winner where pretty good. Make sure to checkout all of this years entry videos! Next year let's get more people on board and make this contest even more fun!

Watch my Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2015 Winner YouTube Video:

Watch Gary Vennarucci's Virginia City Nevada Gunslinger and Madams YouTube Video:

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