Umarex Steel Storm 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun

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Today's Full Auto Fun Video features the Umarex Steel Storm CO2 (Internal) Blowback Semi Auto and 6 Round Burst BB Gun. In my books any gun that can shoot at least 3-6 rounds for every pull of the trigger is full auto in my opinion. I tend to shoot in short bursts even if the gun is truly full auto since holding the trigger down till the mag is empty just means you have a lot of down time reloading on your hands. I prefer short controlled bursts because they are more accurate and you can make corrections if need be. You also use less CO2 giving the gun and CO2 a chance to warm up a bit between bursts.

The Umarex Steel Storm has been in my collection of a while now and was the first out of the box full auto BB gun I reviewed on my YouTube Channel. Version 2 of the Steel Storm is the Steel Force which shares many mechanical attributes to the Steel Storm but the Steel Force (externally) is modeled after the AR platform and has the addition of a multi-position AR styled stock which does help with target hold and accuracy.

I will be shooting the Steel Force in an upcoming Full Auto Fun Video so stay posted for that one!

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