ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Fun

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Yes! More Full Auto Fun Videos on the way and to kick of this week I shoot my ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 Full Auto BB Gun. If you're not aware of the background on this very hard to get ahold of Airgun, I bought it new from another collector and imported it into Canada. I Paid an arm and a leg for it because the Tyrex PPA-K-01 is really hard to find here in Canada and the US, new or used.

The ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 is a super close copy of the Kedr PP-91 (9 x 18 mm Makarov), also made in the same Russian ZMZ factory. So like my Baikal Makarov, the BB version and real steel version are made side by side and both guns use weapons grade steel and some parts from the real guns. Nothing of course that could be converted to a real gun.

As with my other Full Auto Fun Videos, I shoot up a bunch of clay pigeons and record all the fun using several cameras from several angles and points of view. The ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 Blowback CO2 Full Auto BB Gun has a very high rate of fire and sounds like a real machine gun but much quieter of course. It is also surprisingly accurate as you will see in this Full Auto Fun Video!

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