Blowback Airguns Versus Non-blowback Airguns 2

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This topic of Blowback Airguns Versus Non-blowback Airguns comes up often so I thought I would address it a second time around since I get a lot of new visitors and subscribers daily who may not have watched my first video explanation on this topic. You can also checkout my first video on this subject since there may be some stuff I missed out in this video second video ;)

There are really two types of people asking or commenting on Blowback Airguns Versus Non-blowback Airguns. The first type of person who genuinely wants to know which is best and for what reasons. Then there is the other kind of person who makes a narrow minded statement that one type is clearly better than the other type, based on their own preferences and interests but not considering that there are other people out there with different opinions and preferences than them. You know who you are and we all know you are not going to change cause that would require an open mind...

Here is a list of the Pros and Cons I go over for each style of Airgun:


  • Blowback guns simulate recoil.
  • Blowback guns can have better and more true triggers compared to their real steel counterparts.
  • Blowback guns can be better suited for action shooting.
  • Blowback guns are better as prop guns.
  • Blowback guns are generally more realistic in terms of mechanics.
  • Non-blowback guns generally use less CO2 per shot.
  • Non-blowback guns generally have higher fps.
  • Non-blowback guns can be more accurate.
  • Non-blowback guns can be more reliable.
  • Non-blowback guns can be less expensive.


  • Blowback guns generally get less shots per CO2.
  • Blowback guns generally have lower fps.
  • Blowback guns can be less accurate.
  • Blowback guns can be less reliable.
  • Blowback guns can be more costly. 
  • Non-blowback guns do not simulate recoil.
  • Non-blowback guns do not have true single action only triggers.
  • Non-blowback guns generally have heavier triggers that slow down shooting performance.
  • Non-blowback guns are generally not as good for prop use and or training.
  • Non-blowback guns generally are not as realistic compared to their real steel counterparts. 

Watch my YouTube video where I go into detail on Blowback Airguns Versus Non-blowback Airguns again ;)

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