Do Airguns and Blank Guns Have Recoil?

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In this YouTube video, I go over a common question I get pertaining to the recoil effect of Airguns and Blank Guns. Many people want to know if Airguns and Blank Guns have similar recoil effects to a Real Guns and if so, how much recoil will you feel from an Airgun or Blank Gun?

The short answer is yes, there is some recoil with both Airguns and Blank Guns since whenever there is a force in one direction there will be a somewhat similar force in the opposite direction creating what we feel as recoil. With Airguns since the force from the CO2 or compressed air is rather small in comparison to that of the gun powder blast from a Real Guns or even a Blank Gun, the recoil is very slight. Blank Guns have similar gun powder charges to a Real Gun and so the recoil is more noticeable but unlike a Real Gun, a Blank Gun does not really push against a sizable object like a bullet, a Blank Gun only pushes against the air in front of the barrel which has very limited resistance and so there will be much less felt recoil from a Blank Gun than the recoil from a Real Gun pushing on a heavy grain bullet.

With semi auto Guns like Blowback Pellet and BB Guns and semi auto Blank Guns, there is also the momentum and mass of the slide to consider as it moves backwards and forwards which also gives the effect of recoil and in the case of an Airgun accounts for most of the recoil felt by the shooter.

Watch my YouTube video on this subject where I go into much more detail and explain the effect of recoil when shooting Airguns and Blank Guns:

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