Umarex Colt Python 357 BB Revolver Field Test Shooting Review


First off, make sure to checkout my Table Top Review for the Umarex Colt Python 357 CO2 BB Revolver so you can get the specs and details on this fine shell loading BB pistol.

In this Field Test Shooting Video I do my traditional Chronograph test where I shoot a series of 4.5mm Steel BB's using a brand new CO2 cartridge to see what kind of real word Feet Per Second performance I can get out of the Umarex Colt Python. On this day I averages right around 390 fps which was very close to the claimed 360 fps form Umarex. The temperature was right around 24 Celsius or 75 Fahrenheit so it was neither cold or hot.

Moving on with the Accuracy Shooting Test, I set myself up 30 feet away using a semi-rested stance (Sand bag up front, standing in the back) I got one of my best ever 6 shot groups from the Umarex Colt 357, coming in at just under 1 inch. During my previous pretest, the Umarex Revolver did well but seemed to spread out a bit vertically, this may have been due to the plastic tips on the shells needing to break in for a more consistent BB fit.

The Umarex Colt Python 357 has taken it up a notch by adding just a bit more overall weight than most comparable shell loading BB revolvers, a smother trigger and hammer mechanism and styling this revolver on the Classic Colt Python platform. If you're a revolver fan, make sure to grab one of these and if you're not a revolver fan, this pistol may just change your mind :)

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