YouTube Channel Cross Promo - Replica Airguns - GetFitOver40 - mrKnife

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I would think that most of you by now are aware of my other YouTube Channel, GetFitOver40, or perhaps not? Either way you are now :) I have been running for almost as long as I have been running the ReplicaAirguns YouTube Channel and Website but I put GetFitOver40 on the back burner until about a year ago where I started investing some of my time back into it and as of right now the GetFitOver40 YouTube Channel has over one hundred videos, close to one millions videos views and over four thousand subscribers so it's doing pretty well.

If you haven't already guessed, GetFitOver40 is a fitness channel geared to those 40+ but I have lots of fitness related info for all ages including fitness gadget reviews!

My latest endeavor is a collaboration with the folks over at, I like knives and they have an abundant supply of knifes for me to review so it seems like a good fit. Mr Knife is a Canada based online store supplying a variety of knife brands including, Cold Steel, SOG, Kershaw Canada and Ontario Knife Company. Here is the mrKnife new YouTube channel location.

So if any of these other YouTube Channels and Websites interest you then please show me your support and check them out and subscribe :)

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