Replica Airguns Canada Store Q&A Number 2

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This video in many ways goes over a Q&A I did back November 2013 but since we keep getting asked these question all the time, I thought I would address them again :)

  1. How much is shipping in Canada? In a nut shell... $15 flat rate across Canada even to Ontario  and Quebec.

  2. Will I have problems with Customs? No you will not since all the items we have listed in our Canada Replica Airguns store have already been imported into Canada and will be shipped from Canada to Canada, no boarders are crossed when we ship to you.

  3. Are all guns legal in Canada? Yes, since they have all been legally imported into Canada already, they are legal to sell, buy and own in all parts of Canada. Some items you will have to be 18+ years old to purchase.

  4. What about price matching? We will price match any Canada based online or retail store within Canada that ships from within Canada. The only stipulation we have is that the item be currently in stock since some "questionable" business will drop the price on items they do not have in stock or have discontinued.

  5. How long will shipping take? We always do our best to get your orders packed up as quick as we can and generally have them out the door within one or two business days, there are times when we get backed up with orders and this may timeframe may get stretched out to three days at most. Once Canada Post has the order it will take another 1-5 business days to get to you depending on how far away you are located from our BC based warehouse.

I hope this info has cleared a few things up for everyone!

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