Commonly Asked for Head to Head Gun Shootouts

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I get many question over on my YouTube Channel, lots of times people asking me which gun is better and in most cases it really comes down to personal preference. But in some situations the comparisons are really close and to be honest it's even hard for me to decide which gun I think is better.

I get asked which one has higher fps, or is more accurate, or has harder blowback recoil... the list goes on. Without actually taking both gun outside and doing a head to head test using the same exact situations, I really can not honestly tell you! So that's exactly what I am going to do. Take some of the most commonly asked about gun comparisons and have a showdown.

Over the next while I will be making a total of five separate videos where I compare the following CO2 BB pistols head to head:

Make sure to come back and check out these upcoming head to head field test shooting videos!

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