More ROHM (RÖHM) Blanks Guns Back in Stock


I wanted to make sure anyone waiting for some of our ROHM Blank guns to come in to the Canada Replica Airguns Store got a heads up, we just got in a bunch of ROHM RG-88 Semi Auto Style 9mm P.A.K blank pistols alongs with some extra magazine for them. We also received some more ROHM RG-56 and Little Joe Revolvers in .22 crimped blank versions.

If you want one, make sure to grab one, they don't last long around here...

Buy the ROHM RG-88 9mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol in the Canada Store

Buy the ROHM RG-56 Blank Revolver in Canada

Buy the ROHM Little Joe Blank Revolver in Canada

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