ASG Dan Wesson 2.5 inch Gold - G&G G731 2.5 Airsoft Revolver Field Test Shooting Comparison

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Since both the Gold ASG Dan Wesson and the G&G G731 Airsoft Revolvers both have the 2.5 inch barrels on them and in many ways are very similar (at least mechanically), I thought I would not only do my Table Top Review but also my Field Test Shooting Review using both guns side by side so we can really get an idea of how they perform and compare.

As per usual, I test both pistols out on my Chronograph to see what kind of real world feet per second rating I get, since they are 6 shot Revolvers, I fired 6 single action rounds from each gun using .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB's and averaged out the string. Both guns shot a little bit over 400 fps with the Dan Wesson having just a bit of a higher fps over the G&G G731.

Next up was the accuracy test, I decided to setup at my 30 foot mark so that any accuracy differences would be more noticeable, again I shot 6 rounds from each gun while I used a semi rested position, (sand bag for a hand rest and standing in the back). This time I would have to give the slight edge to the G&G G731 as it seemed to shoot just a bit tighter grouping over my Dan Wesson Gold. Both guns shot pretty close to a 2 inch 6 shot group.

Both pistols have pretty decent single and double action triggers, there is a some noticeable friction when shooting in double action due to the way the barrel seals against the cylinder so you may want to shoot in single action when going for the most accurate of shooting.

When it comes to sight picture the Dan Wesson does have a fully adjustable rear sight but the G&G G731 gets the job done with it's simple yet effective grove sight which I kind of preferred with this style of short barreled revolver.

If you want more of that combat look with some Gold Bling than perhaps the Gold ASG Dan Wesson is the one for you? Perhaps you want something like the G&G G731, as compact and simple as it gets that you know you can count on as a backup ready sidearm. There isn't a bad choice here with either of these nice compact Airsoft Revolvers.

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