EKOL Jackal Dual & Dicle Front Firing 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Silent Auction


I haven't had a blank gun Silent Auction for a few months now. Not too many people are willing to give theirs up here in Canada. Today I am featuring two very good condition EKOL blank guns, both front firing and in Satin finish and both full size and full weight 15 round double stack semi auto shooters. The EKOl Dicle is semi auto only while the Jackal Dual has a selector switch for shooting in semi auto or full auto. The EKOL Dicle comes with it's original hard shell case, manual and flare adaptor while the EKOL Jackal Dual does not have a case but does come with a flare adaptor.

Remember the Silent Auctions for blank guns are primarily for my Canadian customers as blank guns are very hard to come by here in Canada. If you are interested in bidding on one or both of these guns, please send me an email with your highest bid to mike@replicaairguns.com. This Silent Auction end date is August 24th at midnight so get your bids in ASAP.

If you are US based you can order a front firing EKOL Blank gun from my US Replica Airguns Store.

You can also check out my full reviews on both these guns:

Watch my YouTube video showcasing these two Silent Auction EKOL Blank pistols:

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