ASG Airsoft Pistol and Rifle Update Video


I just received some of my ASG Airsoft guns in my BC location and wanted to make an update video for you so you can see them up close and perhaps see how they stack up against their Airgun counterparts. Keep in mind many of my ASG guns are only available in the Canada Replica Airguns Store, we do have some ASG Airsoft guns for my US based customers but this time here in Canada I have more to offer my Canadian folks!

The Dan Wesson's, the Steyr M9-A1, STI Duty One 1911, CZ 75 P-07 Duty are all pretty much identical to my 4.5mm Steel BB shooting versions with the exception of not having blowback but the good news is the slides do in fact move on the semi autos! Of course the Dan Wesson is just made to accept 6mm Airsoft BB's rather than 4.5mm steel BB's.

I am also super impressed with the high quality of the LMT Defender M4 Carbines, they are a serious bit of gear and have some very good heft to them, even more so than my full metal King Arms M4A1 I already sell and have done a full review of, not to take anything away from the Kings Arms product as it is very good at its price point.

I also received my first sniper rifle and have played around with it a bit to see what it is capable of. I added a bipod to the front and a 3x9 power scope as the ASG AW .308 comes pretty bare bones but ready for all you can throw at it. I can say it likes heavier Airsoft BB's, as the .20 gram ones I started with seemed to fly off in all directions due to the high velocity, even stepping up to a .25 gram BB tightened my group up significantly at 30 feet. I have heard this rifle really prefers heavy Airsoft BB's so I plan do do my review based on that information.

Enjoy my YouTube Video Update focusing on the new ASG Airsoft lineup.

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