Retay CS9 - Baron HK - Eagle 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Preview



I will be doing full reviews of these three Retay guns; the CS9 (Smith & Wesson CS9 Copy), Baron HK (Sig Sauer P228 Copy), and the Eagle (Desert Eagle Copy). For know I wanted to at least give you a quick preview video of them. My full review videos will focus on each Retay blank gun individually and go into detail with shooting tests and Fields Strips when possible.

My basic first impressions of this new blank gun offering from Retay is that they are a welcome addition to our current blank gun offerings here in Canada and what I like most is that all three guns are very different in look and design then the EKOL guns we have had for some time now. As far as quality goes, I would say they are on par with the EKOL guns and being that they are made in Turkey this shouldn't be too unexpected.

Keep checking back as I will be reviewing all three Retay 9mm P.A.K. blank guns over the next little while.

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