Guns for use in TV - Movie - Stage - Internet - Photo

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I get a fair bit of interest and questions from people in the TV, Movie, Stage, Internet and Photo business looking for guns they can use in their productions, so I thought I would put together an informative video to show them some options available to them at least here in Canada.

The problem is a lot of times a "Gun Handler" is required, as in many cases real firearms are used and very strict guidelines need to be in place for obvious safety reasons. This is most likely the best option in the case of a Matrix styled movie and an extensive amount of guns are required in the production. What if you only need a few guns and you want to keep your budget and complications to a minimum? Well there are other options and that's where I come in.

Watch this short Promotional Video for more information if you are looking for a simplified and easy solution for your realistic gun use in Movie, Stage, Internet and Photo productions.

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