Crosman C41 and PRO77 CO2 BB Air Pistol Preview

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Crosman Corporation sent me two CO2 BB guns for review and like my recently received Umarex Air guns I thought I would make a quick Preview Video before I go into detail with them and make the full Review videos.

The two guns given to me by Crosman for review are the Crosman C41 Walther P38 BB Gun Replica and the Crosman PRO77 Blowback CO2 BB Pistol. I also quickly show you another Crosman pistol - the Crosman 1377 American Classic that I recently purchased from myself  "The Replica Airguns Store".

A few highlights worth mentioning about each air gun:

  • The Crosman C41 is an all metal gun weighing in at close to 3 pounds!
  • The Crosman C41 has a high fps of 495fps and should also do very well in the accuracy department.
  • The PRO77 is a metal and polymer airgun with heavy blowback operation.
  • The PRO77 is a single action only gun with a working hammer.
  • The Crosman 1377 American Classic is a .177 caliber pellet pistol capable of up to 499fps
  • The Crosman 1377 is extremely accurate and can be modified a number of different ways with parts readily available for this very fine target air pistol.

Take a quick look at these three Crosman products in my YouTube video:


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