Umarex Walther CPSport CO2 Pellet Pistol


Recently I reviewed the Umarex Walther PPQ, a new airgun just released by Umarex. The PPQ kind of reminds me of the CPSPort in many ways, but the PPQ is a lower cost version of the CPSport. I think if you have a bit extra money to put into an airgun, go with the Umarex Walther CPSport CO2 Pellet Pistol as you get a much lighter and smoother trigger along with better build quality and a full size drop out CO2 magazine which is a very nice touch.

Look forward to my upcoming full review for this nice Walther Replica Air Pistol, but for now enjoy some photos...

4.5mm / .177 cal, CO2, Pellet, Pistol, Semi Auto CPSport, PPQ, Umarex, Walther