Crosman - Kimar CK92 CO2 Beretta Style Pellet Pistol


We have another very interesting Pre-sale item out of Italy again, but this time from Kimar. A while back in 2000-2001, Kimar and Crosman teamed up to make a really nice Beretta 92FS Styled Replica Airgun called the CK92. It basically used a bunch of Crosman internal parts but the bulk of the gun was manufactured in the Kimar (Armi Chiappa) factory.

This gun was not produced after 2001 and so has only been available as a used gun to airgun collectors, that is until now. Somehow a limited amount of these guns where rediscovered (perhaps a time machine was involved?) and we have gotten our hands on some arriving in mid July. Since these CK92's have been sitting around for a while they have all been re-tested and inspected and are ready for sale.

This is an amazing opportunity for any Airgun collector looking to get a brand new Crosman - Kimar CK92. And we even have a few arriving with the Chrome finish - even more rare!

But don't let me stop you if you're not an avid airgun collector, we are pricing these all metal pellet shooting Beretta 92FS replicas to sell fast at our pre-sale pricing of only $119 and $129 respectively. Keep in mind this price will go up $20 once they arrive in our warehouse, if we have any left that is...

Here are some specifications to keep you drooling till they come in:

  • .177 cal. Pellets
  • 8 Round magazine
  • CO2 Powered
  • 394 fps
  • 2.6 Pounds
  • 8.4 Inches long
  • Single and double action
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • All metal design
  • Made in Italy
  • Beretta 92FS Replica
  • Available in Black and Chrome
  • A real collectors item!

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