Umarex MP5K PDW CO2 BB Gun Chronograph - Shooting & Slow-mo

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The Umarex MP5K PDW is another gun I reviewed a while back that I though could use a bit of an update video with some of the new gadgets I have to added to my videos these days... This time my Umarex MP5K PDW gets the office Replica Airguns Chronograph test, I take it through an accuracy test shooting 8 rounds at a target from 20 feet out in a free standing position. And to end things off and since the Umarex MP5K PDW has a blowback bolt or at least what appears to be a blowback bolt, I also take some slow motion high speed video of the blowback in action.

I also got to play around with my DRIFT HD170 Point of View Action Camera and use it to take some really cool first person style video of teh Umarex MP5 in action. Overall I was impressed with the H&K MP5K BB gun overall, it shot very accurately when shooting slow and in rapid fire and it also got right up to the 400 FPS factory claim.

Enjoy my YouTube Video of the Umarex MP5K PDW CO2 BB Gun getting Chronographed, Shooting on a Target and captured in Slow Motion...

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