500th Subscriber Contest Umarex PPK/S Giveaway Winner

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A little less than two months ago I hit 500 subscribers over on my YouTube Channel. So I held a little contest where today I am giving away an Umarex PPK CO2 BB Pistol to one luck contestant. And that lucky contest entry just happens to be ChairmanLao1911.

For those that where not aware of this 500th subscriber contest, all you had to do was:

  1. Be a subscriber of my YouTube Channel.
  2. Make a video response to my 500th Subscriber Contest Umarex PPK/S Giveaway.
  3. That video needed to be about your Air, Paintball, Airsoft, Blank, Model or just about any type of non-gun you have, or if you didn't have anay of the previously mentioned items then what gun you plan to get in the future.

I am happy to say I got a total of 35 video responses!

So again, here we are today and it looks like not too far down the road I will be holding another contest. And this one will be to celebrate my 1,000,000 subscriber - 1,000 Subscriber. It looks like I will hit these goals at just about the same time so why not combine the two?

I will keep you posted on the details of this upcoming contest so make sure to check back often :)

Here is my YouTube video for the 500th Subscriber Contest Umarex PPK/S Giveaway Winner:

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