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UPDATE - Feb. 22nd: Added a YouTube video to this post.

Back on January 30th I made a post about the Replica Airguns Store getting some new EKOL Blank Guns and Airguns. We'll I just got my review shipment of them in today and had some fun looking them all over. I don't plan on keeping all of them, but I will most certainly keep a few for my personal inventory!

Let's take a closer look at some of these fine EKOL blank guns and air guns:

EKOL ASI - $269US(Order-now)

The EKOL ASI is a very nice semi auto and full auto front firing 9mm P.A.K blank machine gun. This well built blank shooter comes with a 15 round and 25 round magazine and has selectable semi or full auto firing modes. This blank machine-gun is destined for my collection...

EKOL FIRAT - $139US (Order-now)

You may remember my reviews on the EKOL Jackal Dual? This is it's little brother in the compact version and with semi auto only. Other than that it's the same exact 15 round 9mm P.A.K. blank gun!

EKOL SPECIAL 99 - $119US (Order-now)

The EKOL Special 99 is a mid-sized Beretta styled blank shooter that comes with a single stack 8 round 9mm P.A.K. magazine. I was instantly impressed with the styling and overall feel of this gun. I'm pretty sure this one is a keeper!

EKOL ES 55 - $159CAN (Order-now)

In the mix of Blank shooters came this EKOL ES 55 4.5mm BB gun, I'm going to have to shoot a few rounds through this arigun before I can really comment on it. Still a very nice looking all metal BB shooter with a full size drop out 16 round magazine.

EKOL MAJOR - $109US (Order-now)

If your a James Bond fan, you will recognize the design of this gun, it's a replica of the Walther PPK compact semi auto, Bond's favorite sidearm in many of the 007 movies. This particular version uses 9mm P.A.K blanks and holds 7 rounds in the magazine. I already have a few PPK styled blank guns so I'm not sure if this one is staying with me...

EKOL TUNA - $79US (Order-now)

Now we are getting into the light weight blank guns, and I thought my EKOL Volga was small! The EKOL Tuna is pretty similar to the EKOL Volga in looks and design but comes in just a bit smaller and hold 6 rounds of 8mm P.A.K. blanks in it's tinny single stack magazine. Even though this blank gun is so similar to my EKOL Volga, I may find it just a bit too hard to give up?

EKOL ARDA - $89US (Order-now)

If you're looking for a small blank gun - look no further! The EKOL Arda is crazy small but even so feels solid in the hand, just make sure to hold on tight! The Arda hold 5 rounds of 8mm P.A.K. blank ammo in it's cylinder and uses a pre-cocked single action only hammer, just like back in the wild west.

My YouTube Video Preview for these EKOL Blank and Air Guns:

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