Umarex CX4 Storm gets some new toys - 3x9x40 Scope and Foregrip


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My scope mounting hardware came in today and I got right to work adding my new Aim 3x9x40 Rubber Scope and Foregrip to it. I wasn't planning on putting on the Foregrip, it just kind of happened and it looks good, so it may just stay on the CX4?

I ordered a Picitinny/Weaver Deluxe Riser Mount because I wasn't sure if the scope would clear the built in sites and I was thinking I wanted to mount the 3x9x40 Scope toward the rear but as it happened my high rise ring mounts where already the perfect hight and the Picitinny/Weaver Deluxe Riser Mount I ordered wasn't required!

Guess I'll have to shelf the Riser Mount for another project, I'm sure one day it will come in handy.

Some more pictures of the new setup:

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