A few new Accessories - Red Dot - Scope - Foregrip


I have been wanting to get a suitable scope for my Umarex CX4 Storm for a while but have been busy with the Holliday Season, today I made it out to Panther Paintball, a local paint ball store in my area to see what they had in stock. Sometimes I find paintball stores have a better air gun accessory selection then even many full fledged sporting goods stores that sell guns?

I was in luck because they had some good deals going on, one of which was a nice 3x9x40 Rubber Coated Scope made by AIM SPORT INC.

The only problem I had is that it did not have the right mounts for my CX4, it came with mounts for an M16 Carry Handle instead. So I added a Deluxe Riser Mount and some High Profile Picitinny/Weaver 30MM Rings - Problem solved!

I also have another rifle coming next week that I want to add a Foregrip and Red Dot Scope to, again Panther Paintbally had a 1x42 Red Dot Scope made by AIM SPORT INC. that was on sale and just what I was looking for.

Lastly, I found a Foregrip much like the one I have on my Steel Storm but without the Tactical Flashlight built in. I didn't really need the light on this new gun anyways.

Now I'm set for next week when I hope to get all the parts I need and of course my new rifle...

Accessory, Scope CX4 Storm