Marlin Cowboy Lever Action BB Gun

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I wasn't planning on buying a BB Air Gun today but I walked into my local Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters and was expecting to see absolutely no airguns and/or airgun supplies but to my amazement they had an entire plethora of air powered weaponry on display. They went from literally nothing to a very decent assortment in about a week. Kudos to them!

So back to the Marlin Cowboy Lever Action BB Gun... I have been reading up on this nice little entry level BB rifle a bit recently as it only became available from Crosman in September of this year, so when I saw it there in the showcase for a measly $43.99 Canadian, I was a bit surprised. It has always been in my plan to pick up a Red Ryder type BB rifle for my son and I was in no hurry because he is only 3 1/2 years old but hey, why not pick one up now and when he's old enough I'll pass it on to him!

So why did I go for the Crosman over the Daisy? There's not a huge difference but I liked the look of the Crosman Marlin Cowboy over the Dasiy Red Ryder and also the fact that the Marlin Cowboy has more metal specifically the Lever is made out of metal where as the Red Ryder has a plastic lever.

The Crosman Marlin Cowboy is a replica or should I say styled after the Marlin Model 1984 Cowboy, as far as being an accurate replica... that's not really the purpose of this little BB gun. It's intended as an introduction to the world of shooting for kids and so it's pretty durable, cheap and far from over powered. The Marlin Cowboy is spring powered via the 20 pound pull lever action (May need an adult to do this adding another level of safety) and has an fps of up to 350. It holds up to 700 4.5mm steel BB's within the internal gravity fed barrel magazine and also has an adjustable rear sight. The barrel is not rifled as is with most BB guns.

I gave it a quick trial test, firing off about 50 BB's, some at miscellaneous cans and plastic items, and then 15 rounds at a target to get an idea of the accuracy. Even with its minimal fps, the Marlin Cowboy sends cans and small items flying with a nice cracking sound. I was fairly impressed with the grouping I got (about 2 inches from about 15 feet out), but I did get a few rouge BB's that for some reason liked to veer high and to the left. This is probably due to the gun not being broken-in yet and having metal and oil bits clinging on to some of the BB's. Also the gravity fed BB's require a bit of trial and error figuring out the best way to hold and cock the gun to ensure the least amount of misfires.


Overall the Crosman Marlin Cowboy Lever Action BB Rifle was very fun to shoot and the small interruptions when engaging the lever action made it that much more enjoyable!

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