Marlin Cowboy Lever Action BB Rifle Chronograph Test

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I don't know if a lot of people out there are going to be interested in the feet per second performance of what some might call a kids BB gun, but I know I was. And since I already had my Chrony chronograph setup I thought it would be just as easy to put my Crosman Marlin Cowboy Lever Action BB shooter through the paces.

The Cowboy has a claimed feet per second rating of  "up to" 350 fps so I wasn't expecting too much. Right off the bat it hit around 300 fps and kept climbing till it hit just under 320 feet per second. I even went back later after shooting it for a bit and hit got to the mid 320's! I think it just needed a bit of breaking in to hit it's full potential.

Anyway, The Crosman Marline Cowboy Lever action rifle is a really fun BB gun to shoot and my son is going to love it when he gets it for his birthday one of these years, when he's ready...

Watch my YouTube video of the Crosman Marlin Cowboy full Chronograph test:

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