American Airsoft Factory SHOT Show 2019 Interview

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I stumbled on what I thought was one of the most interesting new Airsoft products at SHOT Show this year. A company by the name of American Airsoft Factory has made an AR styled Airsoft Rifle that is completed Battery/Electric operated but acts and feels like a Gas Blowback System. They use a computerized fire control system to operate a mechanical Open Bolt with full Blowback operation. The American Airsoft Factory AR system will auto decide when the your standard Hi-cap or Mid-cap AEG magazine is empty and the bolt will lock back ready to swap out a full magazine, just press the bolt release and you’re ready to engage your target!

The American Airsoft Factory product will not be cheap but it is incredibly high end and features real steel compatibility. I see this being of interest to military and police organizations along with serious Airsofters that are looking for the ultimate Airsoft Rifle.

So now I just need to get my hands on an American Airsoft Factory rifle so I can test it out and make a review! Maybe we can even add them to our Online Replica Airguns Stores?

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