KWC Mini UZI Most Commonly Asked Questions

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There has been some confusion when it comes to the KWC made Mini UZI regarding semi and full auto abilities and also when it comes to build materials. But before we get into that if you have one of these Mini UZI Blowback BB or Airsoft guns then most likely yours is made by KWC even if it was distributed through RWS, Umarex, Gletcher, Cybergun or some other company. When it comes to the build materials used they are all made by KWC so they are all built the same with plastic and metal in the same places.

Let’s first talk about why some of these Mini UZI’s only come in semi auto with the Full auto selection not available out of the box. This is most likely because in some countries a full auto BB and/or Airsoft gun can be illegal so to play it safe many airguns that are originally made to shoot in both semi and full auto are modified to only shoot full auto. This is the case with most of the companies that redistribute the KWC Mini UZI under their own brand name. That said if you buy the KWC Mini UZI in either Steel BB or 6mm Plastic Airsoft from our Replica Airguns Canada or US Online Stores, you will be getting a full auto ready out of the box airgun!

If your MINI UZI Airgun is not full auto ready then checkout my Full Auto Mod Video but make sure before you do this modification it is legal in your country to do so or you could be looking at jail time :(

When it comes to build materials the KWC Mini UZI is often described on websites as being full metal which is close but not entirely true. It is accepted that most full metal airguns will have plastic grips but the KWC Mini UZI also has a plastic shroud around the main receiver that is am all in one piece that makes o=up the front and back sights. This might lead you to think that the gun is mainly plastic which is far from the case since all other parts like the receiver block, bolt, top plate, barrel, rear stock, trigger and magazine are metal. This give the KWC Mini UZI its sold 4.8 pound weight. The heavy metal internal bolt really makes this blowback airgun rock when you shoot it simulating very close recoil action to a 22LR. The KWC Mini UZI for sure has the most blowback recoil out there.

If you are looking for the most bad ass and action packed full auto BB or Airsoft Gun then I would highly suggest you consider getting one of these KWC Mini UZI’s. Just be sure to have lots of CO2 and BB’s on hand because you will go through both like crazy…

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