Testing the DJI Spark While Shooting Some Airguns

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This test of the DJI Spark Mini Drone was to make sure I could use it in the way I intended for it when I am outdoors and want to get that nice higher up flowing camera angel you can only get form a drone.. The method I use in this video doesn't even require a remote control or smartphone and I can have it take off right out of my hand.

I then use hand gestures to control the DJI Spark Drone to do things like: Place the drone in the right starting location, make the DJI Spark start recording video, have the Spark zoom up and out from me for an "eye in the sky" aerial follow me mode and then of course when I am finished what I want it to record have the DJI Sparkreturn to me and land again on my hand. Again all of this without even taking the remote out of the box or even using a smartphone to control the DJI Spark Mini Drone!

Watch me test out the DJI Spark Mini Drone in my backyard while I shoot some of my Airguns at miscellaneous targets while I walk around and have the DJI Spark follow me while recording video.

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