Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Preview Plus Bonus Item

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My struggle for a reliable and dependable Chronograph to test the feet per second velocity of the airguns I test in my indoor Sea Can shooting range has been going on for some time now. My original Chrony Chronograph just never gave me consistent results and over time it pretty much became useless so I ended up shooting the living tar out of it (Watch that video) and replacing it with a slightly better Chronic Chronograph.

The new Chrony Chronograph setup in my indoor Sea Can Airgun range worked really well for me especially using the LED lighting system I added to it (Made by Caldwell). But not even two years later my new Chrony Chronograph just flat out died on me, the screen went all garbley-goop and became unreadable. I tried a new battery and looked everywhere to see if there was a factory reset I could do but was not able to get it working again :(

Well I figured I invested enough money buying Chrony Chronographs with not so good results from them so it was time to look to another company for my airgun velocity testing needs. I ended up going with the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph which by the way is compatible with my LED lighting system since it is all made by the same company. I paid $149 Canadian for my Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph which is pretty good and it even came with a super long cable to connect a smart phone that works on both iPhone and Android phones using the Caldwell App to display velocity readings in the their smartphone App.

I will be making a "test" video where I shoot several airguns I have not Chronographed yet to see how my new Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph works so stay posted for that video coming out very soon!

On another note I upgraded my Drone just a little, I previously bought the Yuneec Breeze 4k Drone to use in my future videos to get some new interesting camera angles while I do some of my outdoor shooting and to be honest the quality is really good on it. Probably good enough for what I'm doing, but for only a couple hundred dollars more I was able to buy the DJI Spark which is by far a much better drone than the Breeze in many ways. Video is more stable and "follow me modes" are way more reliable to name a few things the DJI Spark does that are important to me.

You'll get to see video from the DJI Spark shortly in fixture videos. This little Drone is crazy!

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