Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol Field Test Review

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When it comes to accuracy, match grade pellet pistols are going o be your best bet, not always the most powerful but they are sure good at driving pellets down range with super small groupings. The Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol is no exception to this statement and considering all that it offers it is fairly reasonably price for a match grade pellet pistol of this caliber.

Right off the bat I have to admit that my Chrony Chronograph stopped working, all I get is gibberish on the screen (Strike two for Chrony!). So I was not able to get any personal Chronograph results even though I even tried using my Airsoft Chronograph without success :( I did however watch a few other Youtube Video reviews where users tested out the FPS using a similar Chronograph and the Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol should get right around 390 fps using 7 grain lead pellets, this is close to the 400 fps claimed velocity.

Now for my shooting results that I was able to deliver on... I shot about 6-7 rounds downrange on a fresh paper target setup around 30 feet away. Sitting with a sandbag up front for stability, my Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol shot 6 out of the 7 rounds all in one hole that stretched out to about 1/4 of an inch. I did get one flyer that extended the grouping to about an inch, but this gun is a accurate no doubt even with my limited shooting skills.

The Trigger, sights and even the pistol grip on the Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol are fully adjustable so you can setup your Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol pretty much any way you like but it is made for a left handed shooter, at least the one I had tested out. The trigger is very light weigth out of the box and should be good to go for most people. It's also nice that you only need one pump for full power which saves you a bit of time in-between shots. All in the Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol is a great well priced match grade target pistol ready to drive virtually anything you point it at!

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