Pocket Shot Slingshot Field Test Shooting Review

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I've already made a Table Top Video Review for the Pocket Shot Slingshot so make sure to check that video review out for details on the product and some nice closeup video.

I have been wanting to get outside and test out the Pocket Shot Slingshot since I was not confident in my skills and didn't want to shoot inside the See Can Indoor Shooting Range. Well today was the day and the weather was pretty much perfect, just a little bit overcast but still warm enough for some shorts and a light shirt, my kind of weather!

The overcast lighting helped me get some good Chronograph FPS readings for the 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch Steel Ball ammo I was using for my testing. The 1/4 inch Steel Ball was around 16 grain and I was able to get an FPS reading of around 270 feet per second, this gave me a foot pound energy of 2.66 foot pounds using the 1/4 inch Steel Ammo.

Stepping up to the heavier 3/8 inch Steel Ball Ammo, the FPS did drop a bit down to about 244 feet per second. Since the 3/8 inch Steel Ball are heavier at almost 55 grain, the Foot Pound energy went up to just over 7 foot pounds so more than double the energy of the 1/4 inch Steel Ball.

In terms of accuracy, shooting any Slingshot setup is going to come down mainly to the person using it and I am by no means an avid Slingshot user. That said I was able to hit several of the targets I setup about 20-25 feet away with my Pocket Shot Slingshot, some as small as a few inches in diameter so I was pleased with myself for at least hitting something on camera for you all :)

Let me know what you all think of the Pocket Shot Slingshots...

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