Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: BB air pistol.
Manufacturer: Umarex USA.
Model: Combat Zone Enforcer
Materials: Pastic outer shell.
Weight: .9 pounds (400 grams)
Barrel: Metal non-rifled (4.25 inches).
Propulsion: CO2 x 1.
Action: Semi auto non-blowback, double action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 15 round metal stick magazine.
FPS: 400.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol is medium to heavy but since it's a double action only trigger, this is to be expected. There is a fair amount of take up with the entire pull being about 8-9 pounds and the release point happening right at the very back of the pull, you get a bit of a clicking sound warning right before it releases. If you are used to shooting other lower priced double action triggered Airguns where the barrel protrudes out of the front of the gun when you pull the trigger, then you will know what to expect with the Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol.

Accuracy: This part of the review is yet to be determined as I have not done my Field Test or Shooting test. I have tested out the Umarex XBG in the 4.5mm Steel BB version and it shot really close to 400 fps and produced about 2 inch groupings on a target setup 30 feet away using 10 shots.

Build Quality: The Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol has pretty much all the mechanical parts moulded into the shell of the airgun with the exception of the Trigger, safety and magazine release. Again, most of the build materials are plastic with the exception of some internal parts, the magazines, the barrels and the triggers. This simplistic design does work well and since there are less moving parts there is less that can go wrong.

Realism: The Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol is not a licensed replica but sure looks a lot like the XDM 9mm 3.8 Compact. Of course since the Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol is all plastic and has no blowback operation or a moving slide it won't fool anyone once they pick it up but form a slight mistaken it looks real enough.

Available From: The Canada and US Replica Airgun Stores.


  • Very low cost, around $50 bucks.
  • Should have a nice combination of Shots per CO2 and FPS because of efficient design.
  • Universal metal Stick magazine works in in a bunch of guns, can mix a and match.
  • CO2 tabs are fairly well hidden.
  • Rails for adding accessories.
  • Constructions screws are  less obvious (Smaller).
  • Tried and true design that works and is reliable.
  • Swing up CO2 door will not get lost.


  • Mostly all plastic.
  • Not a lot of actual working parts except for the trigger and magazine release. All else is molded in to the plastic.
  • Double action triggers are a bit longed and heavy.
  • No adjustable sights or hop up adjustments so hopefully it shoots straight?


Personally I prefer spending a few more bucks to get air pistols that have more metal and more working parts, but not everyone has 100+ dollars to spend on an Airsoft Gun or do they need it to be super ultra realistic. Some people just want a gun that is easy on the wallet but still offers decent performance and reliability, and to be honest, a simpler design with less moving parts to wear out or malfunction is probably going to give you better reliability at the end of the day. It just depends what you are looking for. Even if you have a few ultra realistic high end airguns, why not pick something like the Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol to plink around with and save some of the wear and tear on your more expensive Airguns?

My YouTube Video Review for the Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol:

Umarex Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol Left Side 150.jpg