ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle Unboxing Video

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I don't generally make unboxing videos, usually I'll make a preview video if I want to get the word out that I have a new product for review but I thought I would change things up a bit with the ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle Unboxing Video. There are actually two version of this rifle, the TAC-4.5 and the TAC-6. The ASG TAC-6 CO2 Air Rifle is the Airsoft equivalent, pretty much identical to the TAC-4.5 with the acceptation of shooting 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's.

Getting back to the ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle, it uses a standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges to shoot 4.5mm Steel BB's at around 417 fps. The BB's are stored in its 21 round metal stick magazine similar to what you would find in many standard BB pistols. I'm pretty sure this rifle is actually internally a pistol of sorts and even the barrel internally is short like a pistol. The external longer barrel that you see is mainly for show to give the ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle its rifle appearance. The TAC outer shell is made of synthetic plastic keeping the ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle fairly light at around 3.5 pounds.

You will find Weaver/Picatinny rails top and bottom with removable fiber optic iron sights and a removable Bipod with adjustable legs. The rear stock has a rubber Buttplate for added comfort. I found it interesting that the ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle has an area right at the front in the stock for an optional laser sight.

Look forward to a more detailed Table Top and Field Test Shooting Video coming out shortly for the ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle.

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