YouTube Attack on Airgun Channels?


This video is to explain why the Replica Airguns YouTube channel doesn't have any videos listed.

The removal or privatization of Replica Airguns YouTube videos was done as a precaution to make sure YouTube does not terminate the Replica Airguns YouTube Channel due to the recent attack on Airgun YouTube Channels. YouTube has been handing out strikes to videos that have led to many popular Airgun related YouTube channels being terminated this past week.

Replica Airguns did receive one of these strikes to a blank gun video I made several years back. The video in question simply shows me testing a blank gun by shooting it in my pool house. YouTube claims that the video in question contained illegal behavior or could potentially elicit illegal behavior from viewers? I guess all the other thousands of people shooting blank guns on YouTube is OK but this video for some reason was not OK?

I am not sure where this is all going and what will happen with Airgun channels and Airgun videos on YouTube but I will keep you posted as I find out...

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