Umarex NXG APX Multi-pump Pellet-BB Rifle Field Test Review

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I am going to start off with a spoiler alert for this Field Test Shooting Review and go on record to state that the Umarex NXG APX Multi-pump Pellet-BB Rifle is one of the most accurate pellet air rifles I have ever tested, at least at close up ranges. I would not expect the NXG APX to shoot as accurately at longer ranges simply because it has power limitations but I would expect it to be super accurate up to 50 feet for sure.

Let's start with the velocity performance for the Umarex NXG APX Multi-pump Pellet-BB Rifle first. I place 3 shots with the 10 pump max using around 6-7 grain lead pellets and the results where all right around 440 fps. I then tried 12 pumps which is not recommended by Umarex and really there was little difference in the power output so you may as well stay within the 10 pump maximum recommendation. I also tried a slightly heavier grain lead pellet (around 8 grain) and did notice a slight reduction in fps getting closer to 420 fps. Lastly I shot a 5.1 grain steel BB through my Chrony Chronograph and similarly got around 440 fps.

Now to the accuracy testing of the Umarex NXG APX Multi-pump Pellet-BB Rifle. I decide to go with 5 pumps for each shot since speed at this closer in range was not going to be all that important. As long as fps consistency stayed the same then accuracy will also be the same. I placed 5 shots on my paper target 3o feet down range using a rested position and all my pellets hit the bulls-eye (I did take the time to adjust the 4x15 included optical sight). Not only did all shots hit the bulls-eye but all 5 shots also hit each other with a grouping close to a 1/4 of an inch. I originally thought the grouping was larger since paper tends to tear a bit but looking back at the video footage I clearly saw each shot literally touching the next shot with several entering the same holes.

Keep in mind this airgun came with a bare bones budget optical sight that was actually even a bit blurry to look through at 30 feet out in a well light environment. Imagine how good the Umarex NXG APX Multi-pump Pellet-BB Rifle could perform with a higher quality optical sight.

My advice if you are looking for a super accurate budget pellet air rifle is to grab yourself an Umarex NXG APX Multi-pump Pellet-BB Rifle and make sure to upgrade the optical sight either right away or down the road when your budget permits it.

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