Cybergun SA92 and SA1911 Tracitcal Stainless CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Shooting Video

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I had a chance to take out my Swiss Arms SA 92 Stainless Version and Swiss Arms SA 1911 Tactical Rail System CO2 Blowback BB Pistols and see how they performed in the Sea Can Airgun Shooting range and they did pretty good, I have treated very similar KWC version of these guns in previous videos and for the most part the Swiss Arms Stainless Versions are just a little prettier cosmetically. I didn't test out the Swiss Arms SA 1911 Seventies Stainless Pistol since I expect it would have performed the same as the other 1911 in this Field Test Shooting Video.

So how did they do? First off I fired five rounds through my now almost perfectly working Chrony Chronograph and the SA 92 ended up shotgun a little faster with an average of right around 320 fps while the Swiss Arms SA 1911 Tactical shot an average of 302 fps. I was using  brand new Sig Sauer CO2 and RWS Match Grade Precision Steel 4.5mm BB's for the entire review.

Moving on to the accuracy, I setup in my rested position which is about 30 feet back for the paper target. I was sitting and using a sand bag to rest the pistols on for stability. This gives me a very stable shooting position but there is still a little human factor involved since the guns are not locked in place. Both CO2 Blowback BB Pistols shot about a 2 inch 10 round grouping but the Swiss Arms SA 1911 had better shot placement pretty much hitting exactly where I aimed it, the Swiss Arms SA 92 Stainless on the other hand wanted to shot rather low, I had to place my aim at the top of the rings to get the SA 92 to hit near the bullseye. It did shoot really well left to right, unfortunately the Swiss Arms SA 92 Stainless does not seem to have a hop-up adjustment so you may have to adjust your aim point higher than normal with this one.

Both guns had great single action triggers with heavy blowback operation, I did find the Swiss Arms SA 1911 Stainless Tactical had a bit of a sticky slide when I first shot it but after a few shots it smoothed out. If you're looking for a KWA / Cybergun 1911 or Taurus PT 92 Blowback Airgun and want it ti have a little more curb appeal then make sure to checkout the Swiss Arms Stainless series of CO2 Blowback BB Pistols.

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