Cybergun Famas AEG Airsoft Rifle Field Test Shooting Review

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In this yet another AEG Airsoft Field Test Shooting Video Review I mainly focus on the Cybergun Famas AEG Bullpup Airsoft Rifle and put it through my typical velocity and accuracy tests I conduct in the Replica Airguns Indoor Sea Can Shooting Range. I also show some other similar Bullpup styled AEG Airsoft Rifles in comparison that I plan on also reviewing very soon, the IWI Tavor 21 Elite Force and two AEG Bullpups from ASG, the Steyr Aug A2 and Steyr Aug A3 Proline Series.. 

So how did the Cybergun Famas AEG Bullpup Airsoft Rifle perform? I placed 5 rounds through my Chrony Chronograph using .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB's and I got right around a 360 fps average which is should be just about right for most indoor or outdoor shooting environments. Velocity consistency was also good.

Moving on to the accuracy portion of my indoor sea can field test, I place my paper target 30 feet down range and put 10 rounds into the target shooting from a rested seated position with a sandbag up front for stability. The Cybergun Famas AEG Bullpup Airsoft Rifle shot a nice 1.5 to 2 inch grouping just a little high but well centered. The front and back sigh are both adjustable making windage and elevation corrections very easy to do. You could also play around with the hop-up to adjust elevation at various ranges.

In full auto mode the Cybergun Famas AEG Bullpup Airsoft Rifle performed really well, I pretty much empty the magazine and the grouping only spread out to about 3 inches making a clean 3 inch hole in my paper target. There is something very gratifying about unloading an entree magazine in full auto and checking out the damage it caused :)

All in all the Cybergun Famas AEG Bullpup Airsoft Rifle is a great performer at a pretty low price tag of around $200 Canadian at the time of this review. If you want a slightly higher quality version than also checkout the Cybergun Famas F1 EVO Version which is only about $90 more and but offers better build material and and internals improvements.

You can also buy the Cybergun Famas AEG Airsoft Rifle in our US Replica Airguns Store!

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