ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle Field Test Shooting Review

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In this Field Test Shooting Video Review I mainly focus on the ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle and put it through my typical velocity and accuracy tests I conduct in the Replica Airguns Sea Can Shooting Range. I do compare the ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle to the ASG CAA M4 Sportline version since they look virtually identical but do have some notable differences, like the build materials and perhaps a few internal upgrades found in the Proline version. That said both ASG CAA M4 AEG Airsoft Rifles did perform rather similarly other than a bit of a velocity bump with the ASG CAA M4 Proline model.

So how did the ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle perform? I placed 5 rounds through my Chrony Chronograph using .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB's and I got a very respectable 392 average fps with most of the five shots actually getting 392 fps so very consistent velocity for sure.

Moving on to the accuracy portion of my indoor field test, I place my paper target 30 feet down range and put 10 rounds into the target shooting from a rested seated position with a sandbag up front. The ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle shot a tight 1.5 inch grouping just to the right of the bullseye which I can easily correct using the adjustable sights. I like to conduct my field tests with all the guns right out of the box and with no adjustments prior to my testing since that's the way you're going to get them and you may have to also make some small correction to the sights and or hop-up adjustments.

In full auto mode the ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle didn't miss a beat. I emptied what was left of the mag (About 200 rounds or so) in no time at all and made a nice mess of the paper target which is what I am usually going for :)

All in all the ASG CAA M4 Proline AEG Airsoft Rifle is a very high quality Airsoft gun but does come at a premium pricetag. If you're budget is a bit lower than checkout my upcoming Field Test Shooting Video of the more economical ASG CAA M4 Sportily AEG Airsoft Rifle which will be out this week.

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