G&G GPM92 - ARP 9 & ARP 556 Airsoft Gun Preview Video

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I just received some really nice G& G Airsoft guns to share with everyone, I have two CQB Styled AEG rifles and a fantastic Gas Blowback Beretta Mod. 92FS.

The AEG CQB AR or M4 styled rifles are similar in a lot of ways and are super compact and really well built. The G&G ARP-9 has a polymer receiver and hand guard while the G&G ARP-556 has a full metal receiver and hand guard. Both have good weight to them. You will also find Skeletonized PDW stocks and large crown flash hiders on both models along with M-LOK hand guards. Inside you will find upgraded ETU and MOSFET electronics.

Obvious difference are the 9mm style magazine found on the G&G ARP-9 versus the M4 styled high capacity magazine on the G&G ARP-556. You also get an ambidextrous safety sector switch on the G&G ARP-556.

Next I show off the G&G GPM92 Beretta Mod. 92FS Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol. It comes in a high quality hard plastic case with a well made speed loader. If you place the magazine in the gun you will have room for two magazine in the hard shell case. The G&G GPM92 hold 27 roads in it's double stack magazine that has some interesting new features that help it perform much beet in cold environments and really boost green gas usage. G& G calls them the Whirl Cylinder Valve system and Micro gas filter. Both help eliminate free up in the gun when shooting fast.

The G&G GPM92 Beretta Mod. 92FS is really well made and shoot in double and single action and the safety even works as a decocker. For those looking to add a mock suppressor you will happy to know the G&G GPM92 has a threaded barrel tip.

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