Umarex Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun Field Test Review

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Make sure to checkout my Table Top Video and Written Review for the Umarex Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun where I show you around this Umarex Blowback BB pistol and go over its features and specifications.

This Field Test Shooting Video Review focuses on the performance results of the Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun. I put it through its paces to see what kind of feet per second performance it can achieve using .20 gram Airsoft plastic BB's. I also perform my standard 10 shot accuracy test from a 30 foot back shooting position to see how this IPSC pistol groups on paper.

My first portion of the test, the fps velocity test I performed using my Chronograph shooting five .20 gram standard plastic Airsoft BB's with a brand new CO2. The fps for the Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun ranged from 343 to 366 fps with an average 5 shot reading of 357 feet per second. The temperature was not exactly warm on this day, just a little over 10 Degrees Celsius so I was not expecting top velocity from the Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun, even so at right around 350 fps this pistol would be perfect for close quarters Airsoft games.

Next on my Field Test Shooting check list was the accuracy portion of this review, I performed my standard 30 foot back paper target test using a semi-rested position, standing in the back with a sandbag up front to rest my hands on for stability. This position is nice and stable but not perfect so there is always some human factor to take into account and I would say I may have had a little too much caffeine on this day but I really don't think it would have made a difference as the Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun just did not want to settle down at all for me. Shots where all over the place but at least my red dot sight was relatively well centered since most shots landed on the paper. I would say I got around a 7 inch 10 shot grouping which by no means is great. I'm not even sure if the hop-up can be adjusted on this gun, if so it could improve the accuracy a bit, maybe even a different brand of Airsoft BB's could help since perhaps the fit of the Airsoft BB's I was using was not ideal?

I do have to say the trigger on the Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun is really nice, it is a true single action trigger with a fairly short take-up and a nice light release. You can really unload your magazine fast as you would expect to be able to do with an IPSC marketed pistol. The blowback is snapping and does give a nice feeling of recoil but is not overpowering which helps this pistol with follow up shots. I would like to try out some other brands of Airsoft BB's perhaps a bit heavier and perhaps a different diameter to see if I can find a brand that works better with the Elite Force Blowback CO2 Airsoft Race Gun since I really feel it has way more accuracy potential.

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